Travel Tips for Your Next Trip to New York City

New York City

Adventure calls, and the large cities around the world are filled with them. “The city that never sleeps” as many may call it, New York City is definitely a place to plan your next trip to. The city itself is filled with tons of landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, Central park and of course Times Square. But when traveling to any place in general, it’s always a good measure to note important things. One of the few including how to get there in the first place, accommodations and transportation within the area.

Getting There + Arriving

If you’re within the United States then there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you choose the long route then you can go by car which would require you to have a sense of knowing the directions getting there and knowing where to park. Taking a trip to New York by bus as well, otherwise – a plane might be the most convenient way.

If you do choose to go by plane you can vouch for a professional driver to accommodate you. New York can be very busy and stressful at times so it’s convenient to have a professional driver take you from the airport to the hotel. The driver will also assist you with your luggage and escort you directly past the airport crowds to your waiting private car.


A city rich in culture like New York City is definitely the place you’d like to have an adventure on. Getting around the city might be a tough task for sure. That is why there are transportation services like Blacklane cars that are available for city trips and by-the-hour hire. You can even schedule a Blacklane car for the entire day, making cruising around the city hassle-free and relaxing.

Tours & Activities

There are endless possibilities of activities and tours in New York City. If you planned the trip to mainly focus around shopping, sight-seeing, and even going to Broadway shows- New York has them all. From places like Wall Street where you can gaze up looking at skyscrapers to places like Fifth Avenue which has had a reputation as New York’s premier shopping area. Plenty of top end designers have their flagship stores located this avenue – Tiffany, Cartier, and the famous Apple Store Fifth Avenue. Shoppers here can literally shop til’ they drop and even people who don’t plan to shop can enjoy a stroll around the area.

Hotels and Accommodations

To experience New York in the very best way is to stay in Manhattan. Commuting from suburbs can be very time consuming and tiring and can suck the fun out of the trip. Hotels such as Central Park and the Mandarin Oriental are both located near the south end of Central Park. Fifth Avenue is also close to the Empire State Building which is also a sight to see. Use the search box below to find the best prices on hotels in NYC now!

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