Tioman Islandin Pahang

Tioman Island

Tioman means East Coast in Pahang. Tioman Island is among the most commercially developed islands of Malaysia. The Time magazine has selected the island as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The idyllic kampong getaway lies within a small mountainous outcrop towards the eastern coast of Malaysia. Made of stunning beaches, thick green jungles, and clear green waters, it is no wonder to see a steady rise in the number of tourists and travelers to the Tiomanisland. Tioman Island hotels are already overbooked, and one must make the booking well in advance to avoid last minute disappointments.

When to go?

The season picks up from April and remains high until September and October. The dive season lasts till November while the low season starts from December to February. The surfers can enjoy surfing during the monsoon season as the eastern side of the island gets enormous waves from the South China Sea. From February onwards, the temperatures and visibility of the waters improve, and thus this is the right time for the divers to come in.

Where to stay?

There are three main villages in the Tioman Island, Salang, Juara& ABC/Tekek. Salang and Air Batang are popular among the backpackers. There are plenty of choice and accommodation options in the quiet atmosphere of the villages. There are several upmarket options, and luxury hotels and the prices will vary based on the season and the demand. Berjaya Tioman Resort is a beautiful scenic resort where you can enjoy the incredible sunset views. The resort is a perfect getaway to those who want to spend quality time with their loved ones away from the disturbance or distractions of the city life.

What to do and see?

There is plenty of activities to explore the island like trekking, snorkeling, and diving. You will often come across enormous monitor lizards across the island, looking for food in the rubbish piles.

  • As the island is mostly jungle, trekking is popular among the locals and the tourists. There are a couple of well-marked trekking routes. The most challenging trek is to the Monkey beach. An hour of snaking on those jungle paths takes you to the incredible Monkey beach which is relatively quiet and shallow. You can walk from another half an hour to reach Salang. Trek from Tekek to Juara goes through the Jungle and alter leads to a small waterfall and natural swimming pool. Enjoy a refreshing dip after a sweaty walk.
  • Tioman Island has plenty of sites for snorkeling and diving which is very popular here because of the calm waters with high visibility. Explore the abundant marine life teeming with healthy corals, turtles, barracuda, reef fish and black-tip reef sharks. Panuba pier and Bamboo Chalets offer some excellent snorkeling spots.
  • Asah Waterfalls are one of the numerous waterfalls on Tioman Island. The waterfall can be accessed from KampungAsah. It is indeed very refreshing to see the waterfall after a long walk.
  • You can rent a bicycle or a motorcycle to explore the area. This is a fun and an exciting way to move from one area to another on the island and enjoy the experience.

What to eat and drink?

Food is both delicious and a bit expensive on the Tioman Island when compared to other parts of Malaysia. This is because everything is imported from outside. The restaurants are small because of the village life. However, one can certainly come across cheap local cafes and best budget options for Malay food. Enjoy an excellent NasiLemak and the curry puffs which are really good.