Simple 10-Minute Abs Workout That Actually Burns Calories

Simple 10-Minute Abs Workout That Actually Burns Calories

Getting toned abs is considered a must nowadays. Everyone likes to judge you by your appearance. However, most people do not get engaged in the workout because they have a very fast pace and busy life. Most of us wake up to go to the office and once we are back home, we don’t have enough time to cook something healthy or spend a few minutes at the gym. When asked about the workout condition, most people explain that they are unable to work out properly because the gym requires commitment and they do not have enough time to work out on a daily basis. On the contrary, some people are still trying to figure out how they can work out for hours after their office timings.

According to fitness professionals, you don’t need too much time on your hands if you want to work out. Instead, you need consistency and commitments. In short, if you want to work out, you need to know how you can customize your workout and how you can incorporate the workout within your daily routine. Whereas most people do not understand the idea of customization, they only think about long workouts. However, fitness professionals explain that you can change workout time or workout intensity according to your convenience. If you want to reduce time, you can increase the intensity and this will offer you the same progress as before.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about some of the best workouts for abs. Apart from this, we will help you customize a simple 10 minutes workout that will help you improve your chiseled body. With the help of this workout, your core will become tighter and you will be able to acquire stone-hard abs.

Best Exercises for Abs

To target the core muscles you need something that will not only engage your core but also another part of the body. Since every exercise has a different impact on your body based on age, gender, and daily routine, you need to be very specific while choosing the best exercise for your body.


Crunch is a simple exercise that will not only help you engage your abs but also your shoulder muscles and your arms. All you need to do is lie down and then hole your hands under your neck. Now try to sit up as you would but make sure your abs are tight and your back is straight. This will eventually help you tighten your core.

Abs Roll

For this exercise, you can easily use a dumbbell or simple abs roll. If you don’t have any of this equipment you can use a water bottle as well. Just lie down on your tummy and then move up and down like the water bottle is a wheel. While performing this exercise try to hold your core tighter, leaving your abs to lose will not help you with the exercise at all.


For the plank, you need to get into the push-up position and then hold your body weight on all fours. Generally, you are not supposed to move and keep your back straight. When most people leave their back to lose this can cause injury as well. It is better to keep your body posture in account otherwise, this will impact your condition.

High Knee   

The high knee is a pretty easy exercise where you just need to stand right up and keep your hands in front of you. Now you need to bring up your knee to the waist level in a way that it touches your hands. This will help you engage your abs muscles.

Air Kick

For an air kick, you need to lie down and then bring both legs straight up like you are kicking the air. This will be simple but for holding the pose for at least one second try to clap under the legs to maintain a good time balance.

Customizing 10 Minutes Workout

For the 10 minutes workout, start with a simple warm session. The warm-up session is important because this will help you reduce the chance of injury and your body will get ready for the workout. It is better to include simple running or cardio in the warm-up session however, some people like to add stretching and rope skipping as well.

The second phase of the workout is the actual abs-based workout that will help you target the abs muscles. You can use three simple exercise combinations or you can use one exercise for straight 7 minutes. It is better to use three simple exercises or four because they will help you target more muscles. For the workout, it is better to incorporate different exercises so that your body can function better and get time to heal as well.

To end the exercise session you need to let your body cool down. This will help you bring the body temperature back and if you incorporate simple yoga poses for meditation poses it will help you boost your mental health as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to keep a few things in mind. Without measuring the progress of your workout, you will not be able to improve. Apart from this, you need to find a good balance between time and intensity. However, you also need to keep in mind what your final aim is. If you want to break down fat, it is better to reduce the intensity of the workout and increase the time. This low-intensity workout for a longer time will eventually help in melting fat. On the contrary, if you just want to burn the carbs, you need to spend less time but the intensity of the workout needs to be more. With just a 10 minutes workout you will be able to gain more muscles and burn more calories. This is the reason it is advised that everyone needs to start with a professional consultation. Your gender, age, and aim of the exercise are also important so make sure you are not spending too much time on simple exercise without professional advice.