Travel Tip: How To Travel Asia With A Backpack


Drop your heavy baggage because after reading this you’ll only need your backpack, and you’re on the go!

Bring only the essentials

Asia is one of the biggest and most populous continent, and lots of people have already tried backpacking Asia. When you pack your baggage, make sure that you only pack light. Bring only those that you’d actually need, like a few clothes, sleeping bags, documents, some cash and credit cards, small camera, and etc. Do not bring excessive clothes because there are lots of laundry services all around Asia and it’ll only take a few hours for it to dry. In some places, it is advisable that you bring sleeping bags, especially when you want to save money and go camping, or hiking.

Research about the places you’ll visit before-hand

Lots of countries in Asia have beliefs, customs, and traditions that are still being followed and respected until now. Some of these countries take these beliefs seriously, like in UAE, Japan, and etc. Violation of these beliefs and traditions shows disrespect to the locals and to the country as well. In UAE they are fighting to legalize the dress code, so that no one, not even the tourists can wear clothes that show the shoulders and knees.

Plan your route properly

Make sure that you planned an alternative trip just in case your main plan doesn’t work out. It is also a must to know when the best time is to visit some countries so that you won’t be greeted by heavy floods, and rains.

Converse with the locals

Make sure that you know how to communicate with the locals so that when you are in need of help, or when you are lost, you can just ask them about it. Do not be shy reaching out to them because Asians are known to be hospitable most especially those living in Southern Asia. Learning a few of their language doesn’t hurt as well.

Travel slow

Take your time in traveling especially because you are backpacking. Asia has lots of beautiful places and you should never take its beauty for granted. Do not hurry to travel another place. Ask for the locals for other unknown destinations you can visit because there are lots of hidden wonders that the locals can point you to.

Bring a friend

If you are traveling on a budget it is best to bring a friend, with you. Bringing a buddy with you means you can split the expenses into two. For example instead of taking a taxi alone, if you have a friend with you, you can split your fare into two. When you are trying new food, you can also split into two. It would also be easier to find cheap hotel rooms if you have a buddy with you.

Try the street food

Asia is famous for its delicious street foods. Southern Asia, is famous for lots of unique exotic dishes that will definitely make your mouth water. Street food is way cheaper than eating in fast-food chains, or high-end cuisines. However, it won’t hurt if you’ll try high-end cuisines once or twice in every country.

Join the growing population of backpackers in Asia, because after that you’ll never be traveling with heavy luggage again.

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