Holiday Inspiration for Foodies

Italian Food

Basing your holiday around food may seem strange to some people but for a foodie it seems natural. The opportunity to taste exotic new flavours and see new techniques of how to prepare and present food is a huge part of travelling.

Enjoy Authentic Italian Food

Italian food is available in most countries in the world and you can get pizza and pasta with a local twist just about anywhere. But authentic Italian food is a different story. The food in Italy changes from region to region but freshness and quality are important wherever you go. The Tuscan countryside is a great place to go if you are a foodie. You can stay in a villa and have a local chef visit to give you some cooking lessons, and together you can prepare delicious dishes made in the local way. You will be cooking with locally raised meat, freshly caught seafood, and vegetables that you helped to harvest from the garden. The local farmers work together to offer the best of everything and cheese and wine are included as well. If you head to the Umbria region you can learn how to hunt for truffles and then taste the sumptuous dishes that they are prepared in.

Enjoy Danish Pastries in Denmark

The Danish was originally brought to Denmark from Austria during the 19th century during a labour strike. The Danish bakers increased the amount of egg and fat in the recipe and this decadent pastry was reborn. This rich, sweet treat is a great way to start off your day and it will give you lots of energy to explore the exciting capital city of Copenhagen. You can see the best pastry spots in Denmark here.

Sample the Mouth Watering Menu of Malaysia

Malaysia is a fabulous place for foodies and it is a combination of Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Food is an important part of the culture and you can find great food at any time of day. Try Buk kat teh, a hearty pork soup that is great after a night of partying and can be found at roadside stands. Nasi lemak is a popular rice dish that is very flavourful and hits the spot. Char kway teow is a popular dish with wide flat noodles and different kinds of meat. If the names of the food seem difficult to remember just look for a place that has a line up in front of it and you will find great food. Be sure to try the local fruit fresh from the tree like rambutan, and if you’re feeling brave you can try the infamous durian fruit.

Identify the Exotic Spices of India

India has played a huge role in the spice trade for thousands of years and this is reflected in their food as well. The food varies from region to region but you can find great food everywhere that you go. Spices that are commonly used are coriander seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek, star anise, and pepper. Different kinds of chilli peppers are also used for flavour. In the state of Rajasthan you will find a lot of dishes that have a dairy base to them as there is a scarcity of water. In the southern states like Kerala or Karnataka you will find many dishes with a coconut base. Make sure that you try Biriyani, a slow cooked rice dish that is popular throughout the country.

Cook Sushi in Japan

Travel to Tokyo, Japan and you can immerse yourself in the culture by attending an authentic Japanese cooking class. Sushi is one of the main things you’ll be taught how to make; you’ll be shown how cook the rice and clean and prepare different kinds of fish and how to prepare various kinds of sushi. The cooking class only takes up part of the day which leaves you lots of time to explore this exciting city afterwards.