Gear You Need for a Great Travel Adventure



Travel equipment comes in many shapes and sizes and is made for various purposes. Most of the gear available out there range from portable water filters to carrying and storage systems like motorcycle tank bags and backpacks.

To get the right kind of equipment for your travel endeavors, the first thing you ought to do is take a step back and assess your needs as best as possible. Many people choose air travel to get to their destinations, in which case you’re also going to have to check the demands of the airline to see whether your gear doesn’t call for an export permit.

Scopes, binoculars, as well as thermal monoculars,  are in this category, and the United States customs might ask you for the permit if you’re carrying one of these devices with you. Let’s look at three types of gear you might need if you’re looking for a bit more adventure other than just strolling through a city.

A multi-tool

Depending on whether you want to go hiking or hunting or maybe you just want to spend a little more time in the middle of nature compared to most other travelers, you might need a multi-tool with you. Why’s that? The truth is that such a gadget can assist you in completing various tasks, including cutting bits of wood for starting a fire.

There are several cutting-edge models nowadays that have many functions and are particularly versatile. For example, the LighterBro Pro can be considered a multitool sleeve that turns into a disposable Bic lighter. Having been designed of stainless steel, it’s made to withstand the test of time. This type of gadget comes with a mini-toolbox of hardware that includes a ruler, a knife, as well as a wrench and a hex bit socket.

The neat thing about all of these mini-tools is that they are made to be compatible with most equipment defaults currently utilized for hiking, sailing, or snowboarding.

A water bottle that’s also a flashlight

With the many technological advances that have happened over the past couple of decades, many manufacturing brands have focused their efforts on designing products that can meet and even exceed the needs of modern consumers.

That’s how we found that nowadays, it’s not enough for you to carry a portable water filter bottle with you when you go camping because you might get more with one that also acts as a flashlight. Some units are equipped with solar-charged LED hidden in their lids, which is why they can be used both for hydration purposes and for lighting your way in the dark.

A thermal monocular

If you want to make the most of your hunting trip, what you need is a thermal monocular. Some of those available for sale today are lightweight and convenient and can be used both effectively and comfortably. The Flir Scout TK, for example, can provide you with the amount of light you might need to spot your prey or just to get your bearings if you’ve lost your way in the woods.