Choosing the Top Fishing Tours in Kauai


If you have decided that coming to the islands is something that you want to do, you likely are just trying to find the best options for your chosen activity. If that activity is fishing, we have a few hints to let you find the best tour operations in Kauai and to save yourself some money. Here are a few things to consider and help you narrow down your choices. 

1. How Deep They Go 

Kauai has some amazing fishing spots and deep-sea options that can be reached with very little difficulty. However, many boats don’t want to go more than an hour or so out, feeling that they have gone far enough for good fishing. Generally, this is true, but if you are interested in the biggest and most interesting catches, you will need to head out a bit more, choosing areas that other people don’t tend to visit. On the other hand, if you just want to do some fishing early in the day, tours that stay close to the shallows might be for you. 

2. How Long You Have 

If you want to stay out on the sea for a night or two under the stars, there are companies that will happily offer this service. However, this is something that you need to plan for and generally, you should check out reviews from people who have gone before to make sure that you will be comfortable. If you are interested in this option it brings down your choices considerably, but most people who offer this option have been in the business for years and will give you an experience you can’t forget. Make sure to ask how many people there will be on the boat and if you can bring airports guide if you plan to do so. 

3. If They Allow Drinking

Drinking is a subject that divides most people and that can be a bit confusing as well. Some people want to spend their vacation with a bit of a buzz and think of beer and fishing as going hand in hand, others worry about being near the water with alcohol and will avoid any tour that even allows for the option. Check beforehand if you feel strongly either way so you aren’t surprised.  Don’t break the rules if you end up on a tour that has rules to either side, which makes it harder for the crew to keep you safe. 

4. How Long They’ve Operated 

This last one is simple. You always want to go with a group or boat that has been operating for a while. This because they know the best spots, but also because they have a record or keeping their clients safe. One of the longest and highly reviewed charter on Kauai is Ohana Fishing Charters. More info can be found at

After going through this list, you should have your choices narrowed down to a point where you can go ahead and make a choice. If not, the reviews will generally provide something that makes a company stick out ai images, use them to find the best option for you.