8 Reasons Why Europe Should Be On Your Must Explore List

8 Reasons to Visit Europe

From picturesque villages to mouth-watering dishes, charming atmosphere to wild nightlife, Europe is every person’s dream vacation. However for those still in doubt, here are 8 reasons why you should empty your savings for this Europe trip:

1. World-Class Galleries and state-of-the-art Architecture

Europe is home for historical and architectural sites which include the Eiffel Tower in France, ruins of ancient Greece and Rome, and different structures built on the Renaissance period. Thousands of visitors are lured by many different museums, and galleries featuring the works of world-renowned artists such as Picasso, and Michelangelo.

2. The Romantic Vibes

In Europe you’ll find the popular ‘City of Love’- Paris. However, aside from Paris, you can also visit different places and countries with someone you love. You can visit the canals of Italy, different castles which was built during the Victorian era, radiant flowery gardens, and the London eye.

3. The Delicious Cuisine

From delicious Carbonade Flamande in Belgium to Papet vaudois, Europe is also famous for its unique cuisine. Because of Europe’s diverse culture, there are lots of different dishes that will make our mouth water.

4. Beautiful Beaches

A vacation wouldn’t be complete without visiting the beach. Europe is home to lots of beautiful beaches, like Praia de Arrifana, Nissi Beach, Cala Tonnarella, Playa de Migjorn, and so miuch more.

5. The World-Class Nightlife

Didn’t you know that in London, their legal drinking age is 18. Aside from London, there are also lots of places all around Europe where you can party hard. Ios, Greece is flocked by thousands of tourists during the summer, because it is known to be the best summer party destination. It is also one of the cheapest. You can actually find a hotel for only €10, and their beer is only worth €2.

6. Paris. Yes, Paris!

Paris is every person’s dream place. Lots of people would take their beloved to Paris and seal their love through a love-lock. This city in France will make you believe in true love, because the moment you stepped into the city, you’ll realize that it’s Paris because of the intoxicating romance you’ll feel in the air.

7. The History

European cities are old, as well as the stories behind them. You can visit castles, museums, and get to see pieces of the past and maybe listen to the stories on how some of these cities came to be. You can also visit Anne Frank’s house, in Amsterdam, Netherlands and get to know her story and her family as they hid from the Nazis. It is now a museum containing her famous diaries.

8. Amazing Festivals

Europeans celebrate everything. They are home to lots of festivals that are known in the whole wide world. For example, St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, there’s nothing more fun than celebrating a festival in where it actually came from. And you can also visit the La Tomatina Festival in Spain, where thousands of locals squash tomatoes at friends and strangers alike.Y

You can’t call yourself a traveler if you haven’t walked the streets of Europe. So what are you waiting for, book that trip you’ve been dying to go to, and enjoy!

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/netlancer2006/