7 Ways to Make Extra Money Whilst Travelling

Make Money While Traveling

Travelling is always great, new foods, new friends and new places. What’s not to like? However it can be a little expensive at times, but that doesn’t mean the end of the road for vacation. As there are still ways to enjoy travelling and get earn some money at the same time. You might think this will be boring and put the adventure on pause, however it can sometimes be the complete opposite and have some of your best experiences.

If you have good WIFI and communications tools then you have opened yourself up to a lot more options than regular bar or hostel work.

Work for a Travelling Company or Show

You can consider making your love for travelling part of your job. Travelling company music bands to theatre arts and even a well-known dance show if you have the skills. These people are always looking for passionate people to join them. It might be very tiresome and you might be busy with your job but it is a good option if you want to travel.

Be a Tour Guide

This is an option if you really love to travel and see places and things and want to be in the same place for a long time. You can get paid by people for you to take them on tour to a place you love. The most common way this is done is with free walking tours which you will see all over the world, you get paid by tips at the end and you can draw a big crowd. As well as being a great way to make money, it is also a great way to get a real understanding for a place and a chance to meet loads of new people. win-win!


Do you have a certain skill that people would want to learn? You can try teaching people online for money by using Skype to teach a lesson online. Another way of going around it is planning physical classes in cities or places that you are visiting. You can teach anything you want but make sure there is a market of for what you want to teach. Most things to try are singing classes or languages.

Web Developer / Graphic Design

Web developing is a very effective way of making money as you travel. Everybody nowadays wants to have websites for their businesses. This has a created a need for web developers and the beauty of this, you can be anywhere on the world as long as you have a laptop. There are plenty of freelancing sites around, so create a well put together portfolio online and start getting clients.

Forex Trading

People who have tried this have said that it really works for them, but it is a skill that takes a lot of research and strategy, so if you are this way inclined it might be the adventure you’re after. Forex trading will require you to learn some things including patience, and the evaluation of risks. You can choose to use a platform such as CMC markets to get all the knowledge you need about trading. An important thing is to make sure you are trading with a reputable and legit company.

Work in a Restaurant or Club

If there is something that you find almost everywhere you go are hotels and night clubs. If you want to visit a place you can consider applying for a job in a restaurant there. This will work better for you if you have a little knowledge on the work such as food service. You should add little more languages to your resume to allow you to work in different countries. These types of jobs are normally temporary so you can find one easily.

Stock Photography

You always take pictures when you travel then why not turn it into some money? All you need to have is a good camera then you can add your personality into the pictures. You can do this in two ways, through social media like instagram if you have enough followers you can get paid for your pictures. Or you can use a stock photography website, there are lots to pick from as media is a really sought out area.