7 Things You Must Buy Before a Holiday to Thailand


Thailand is an experience like no other. For this reason, packing can be a somewhat trickier hill to climb compared to if you were visiting another foreign country. Instead of staring longingly at your backpack or suitcase and hoping it will fill itself, check out the items below and make sure you have them when you board the aeroplane.


Male or female, having a sarong or two on hand can be a life saver. Whilst in Thailand, the humble sarong is not only a fashion garment, but a blanket, beach matt, emergency towel, sun protector, hat and conservative cover-up too. Thin and quick drying, some deem their sarong the best money ever spent.

Slip On Shoes

To be honest, any shoes that you can slip on and off quickly in Thailand is ideal. You will soon find out that being bare foot is the norm and there will be piles of shoes at the entrances to temples, cafes, shops, restaurants and Thai homes. Instead of wobbling about in the street as you try to get your strappy heels or hiking boots off, a pair of slip on shoes will save you a lot of embarrassment. Steer clear of canvas pumps or flip flops, these will prove a nightmare in the inevitable rain!


Whilst there are countless opportunities to rent snorkels and diving equipment in Thailand, there is nothing better than spending some extra money on your own snorkel if you plan on take a dip regularly. Many people head out on private yacht charters when they visit Thailand which means being surrounded by water 24/7 before your dock and countless opportunities to snorkel. If you don’t fancy sharing the same breathing tube as another, or want to dodge the ill-fitting water-in-the-eyes mask, purchase before you go.


Forget fashion before a trip to Thailand. Even outside of the rainy season (which runs from May to October) there is always potential for a down pour. However, with an average minimum temperature of 27, keeping cool in clammy conditions is also a priority too. Your best bet is to pick up a cagoule; the ones which fit neatly into a little bag are ideal for backpackers. They are lightweight and baggy, meaning you should stay as cool as possible even in uncomfortable conditions.

Sea Sickness Tablets

Many visitors to the Asian country will want to head out into the Gulf of Thailand and beyond to indulge in snorkelling and fishing. Whilst most people have their sea legs, those who are not used to spending hours on a boat could find motion sickness a real problem. Even if you don’t think you will go green around the gills whilst in the ocean, invest in some medication or patches to be on the safe side.

Water Bottle

We wouldn’t recommend filling your bottle with Thai tap water. Luckily, there are numerous places where you can top up your bottles for just a few pence in Thailand. This not only means saving money on purchasing bottled water, also less plastic going into the garbage. Platypus have an array of collapsible and easy to fill bottles designed with travelers in mind.

Travel Adapter

Thai sockets fit two kinds of plugs, the European two pin and North American double flat pin plug. If your plugs are of this style, you will likely be fine when it comes to plugging in electronic equipment in Thailand. However, to be on the safe side, it is worth getting your hands on a universal world travel charger (one with a USB port is particularly handy). Brits and Aussies will definitely need an adapter.