5 Unforgettable Las Vegas Shows


 No person has ever left Las Vegas not feeling entertained. There’s an enormous plethora of absolutely unforgettable shows in Vegas, where each show is better than the last. These shows are always of the finest quality, and everyone can easily find a show suited for their tastes, so the only thing that’s left is to get a ticket for one of these amazing shows and to simply enjoy the magic.

Chris Angel Mindfreak Live

Mindfreak is an unforgettable mix of theatrical entertainment and magic tricks. Chris Angel is a magician like none other, and his shows are not only wildly entertaining but also quite breathtaking. The real magic of the show isn’t just the astonishing magic tricks, or the impeccable usage of lighting and special effects, but rather because you never know what’s going to happen next.

Rod Stewart: The Hits

Rod Steward has been a musical idol for decades. He’s a legendary musician with amazing musical skills, and the entire repertoire of shows in Vegas has only gotten richer since Stewart himself started performing. Seeing this brilliant musician perform is definitely an amazing treat, and once you catch one of his shows, you’ll immediately understand just why his shows are among the most unforgettable in Las Vegas.

The Ultimate Variety Show

This show is one of the best family shows in Las Vegas. The name itself says it all – everything is included in this show, from jugglers, to acrobats, to wildly entertaining acts that you’ll want to come back over and over again. It’s an incredible mix of just about everything, so no one will leave this show unsatisfied, and the kids will definitely talk about this quick-paced show for years to come.

Jerry Seinfeld

As one of the kings of Comedy, Jerry Seinfeld has entertained crowds from all over for decades. He is creator of one of the most popular sit-coms of all time, an author of many books, and a stand-up comedian like no other. All of his acts are completely engrossing, and Jerry Seinfeld’s type of humor is a deeply intelligent one, yet it can easily appeal to everyone. He is definitely a living legend when it comes to comedy, so his acts are among the most unforgettable ones in Las Vegas.

Zombie Burlesque

This is a risqué show with an incredibly unique twist. While burlesque shows are quite common in Vegas, a Zombie Burlesque one is one-of-a-kind. The show sports an interesting 50s and 60s aesthetic, and with a storyline about the president and an adult club, along with gorgeous zombie dancers, this is a show that will leave you breathless. It’s an homage to numerous horror movie classic, but besides that it’s an amazingly entertaining act with dancing and singing that are second to none. Make sure to catch this show as soon as possible.

There are plenty of shows in Vegas, as the city is known for its incredible and amazing entertainment. Practically every show is one of the highest quality, so catching a show, any show is absolutely a treat that should not be missed.