5 Simple Ways to Book Cheap Flights

Did you put ‘travel more’ in your dream board when you started 2018? Are you starting to plan your trips for the summer? Are you frustrated by how expensive plane fares can be? Don’t worry! There are a few things you can do to get the most affordable flight options. Here are X ways to book cheap flights:

1. Use your browser’s incognito mode.

Not a lot of people know this but airlines use the cookies in your browser to calculate the price of the flight that you’re planning to book. For example, if you’ve been organizing a trip to Hawaii for this summer and therefore have been doing research on the best places to stay at, eat at and visit, the cookies that have been saved in your browser will inform the airline website, which will then adjust the price specifically to you. Think about it as the airline’s way of determining your willingness to purchase a plane ticket to this destination.

To book the cheapest ticket possible, use your browser’s incognito mode. This hides your browsing history and cookies from the airlines you visit, so that you can get their best price offer. If you’re using Google Chrome, this can be done easily by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

2. Buy two one-way tickets instead of booking a round-trip flight.

Remember that the airline that offers the cheapest flight to your destination won’t necessarily be the same airline that offers the cheapest flight back to your town or city. This is why it’s often cheaper to purchase two one-way tickets to and from your destination rather than booking a round-trip flight from the same airline. By doing the former rather than the latter, you have more flexibility in terms of options.

3. Use a travel website to book your flight.

Travel websites like Cleartip makes your search for a cheap flight so much easier. With one quick search, Cleartip gathers different airlines and the different prices they offer in once convenient location. You won’t have to jump from one airline website to another anymore – use Cleartip.

4. Follow your favorite airlines on social media.

Airlines often announce discounts and promos through social media, so it’s only practical to follow your favorite airlines on these platforms.

5. Be a frequent flier.

Being a frequent flier means that you, well, fly frequently. And although it may seem counterintuitive to have to spend money to be able to fly frequently just so you can book cheaper flights, you actually get a lot of benefits from the airline if you achieve this status. Depending on the airline, you can get free upgrade to first-class once you’ve reached a certain number of miles. This means that you can pay for an economy seat and still be able to travel first-class to local and international destinations.

So these are just some traveling tips on how you can book the cheapest flights possible. Hopefully, you have learned something new from this list. The next time you’re going to book a flight, make sure you do all of these steps in order to save a lot.