10 Helpful Travel Tips For Traveling Asia

Travel Asia

Asia is the largest continent, and traveling would be pretty intimidating, so we made a list that’ll make your exploration a lot better:

Finding cheap accommodations

Some hotels in Asia might be more expensive than the others; therefore, it is better if you did your research before-hand. Instead of staying in luxury hotels there are lots of cheap inns all around Asia where you can stay that will give you the same comfort as that of a 3-star hotel.

Eat in cheap restaurants

There are lots of countries in Asia that are famous for its delicious street-food. Take for example Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, China, and many more. Instead of eating in fast-food restaurants, you should try eating these street-foods because aside from its delicious taste, it is also so much more expensive than those offered in fast-food restaurants.

Research the countries’ customs

Religion and tradition plays a big part in some regions of Asia. For example in places like UAE, they are strict when it comes to dress code, that they’re highly encouraging foreigners to were clothes that covers at least their shoulders and knees. There are also temples that require everyone to remove their footwear to pay respect. Some locals often find it disrespectful when you violate their customs so it’s better if you did your research before-hand.

Use public transportation

Using public transportation actually helps most especially if you are traveling on a budget. Although local transport is cheaper, it might be a lot slower than riding on a private vehicle. However, you might pass by some good sights which make your public ride a lot more interesting.

Take care of your belongings

Always be mindful and watchful of your possessions. When you are traveling, secure your valuables and don’t leave them unless you have someone watch it for you. You can place some of your money inside your shoes or some discreet place aside from your wallet in case you get robbed.

Pack light

Asia is one of the continents that you can travel with a backpack. Only pack things that are necessary, and light. Do not pack too many shoes. And only bring few clothes because you can get your laundry done in just hours. One tip in packing is instead of folding it, you can roll it so that it saves space. Another tip is packing your bag 2-3 times over again so that you can eliminate things that are not needed. Remember, only pack things that are essential.

Party wisely

Instead of partying in high-end bars, try the local beers because they are cheaper, and more delicious than those in bars. You can also choose to party during their happy hours.

Plan when the best time to travel is

Make sure that you plan when the best time to visit is, Asia is a tropical continent therefore you should know when there monsoon season is to avoid heavy floods and unwanted rains.

Travel with insurance

Traveling with insurance ensures your safety. Asia is exposed to threats like Dengue, and other diseases. You can save up hundreds of dollars if you travel with insurance, so in case of sickness you’ll be able to avail cash assistance.

Don’t over prepare

When you are backpacking, some of the locals might tell suggest some good place to visit so you have to make sure that there’s still time for that. You just have to travel slow and enjoy the moments as you go by.

Now you are already prepared for your trip to Asia. Remember to always be ready for unexpected adventures, because Asia is one big adventure full of wild surprises.

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolas_vollmer_photo/