Why travel by campervan?


In a time when we’re overwhelmed by options for our next holiday, one thing is certainly clear. The best way to travel is by campervan. A campervan holiday is an experience to be tried at least once, something new to mix up the previously done. And who knows, you might like it so much that you do it again, or even purchase your own motorhome! To further convince you, here are the main reasons why you should travel by campervan.

1. Freedom

This is my favourite aspect of campervan travel, and one that truly sets it apart from any other type of travel. Nothing beats the freedom of a campervan. You can wake up and choose  to go anywhere. You’re not tied down by hotel bookings or public transport schedules. You’re in charge. Campsites are easy to find, so you can mix up your schedule as you please. This gives you more freedom in your road trips, as you don’t have to stick to known routes, you can choose your favourite destinations and prioritise between the options. You can base your destination for the day on anything, no matter how small. The weather, your craving, your mood. Head to the beach or a city, stay at a campsite for a warm shower or head to an overnight parking spot by the beach to fall asleep to the sound of waves.

2. Sustainable

Slow travel is more sustainable than flying, and has way lower carbon emissions. Stop flying unnecessarily, and try to make one holiday a year a slow travel one, such as through campervan hire

3. Affordable

Campervan travel is also far cheaper than flying! Furthermore, by hiring a motorhome you’re combining your accommodation cost with vehicle rental, ticking two boxes at once. It’s not difficult to find cheap campsites, or you could even go wild camping for the full experience. You also save money along the way, such as by being able to cook instead of always eating out. This will allow you to set a reasonable budget and follow it, saving your money for fun attractions during your trip.

4. Local

It’s time to be a tourist in our home country, or even the city we live in! We know foreign countries better than we know our own. Plenty of tourists come here annually, so let’s find out why. Support the local economy during your holiday, and explore the place you call home. This will also help you to advise visitors in the future, as you’ll know the best places to go personally. 

5. Comfortable

One of the main perks of campervan travel! Whilst campervans give you the freedom of a road trip or camping, they also allow for the comfort of a more luxurious holiday. After days filled with exploring, you’ll be so grateful for the soft mattress to sleep on. As mentioned, you can also cook in your campervan, allowing you to eat with ease and create delicious dishes. Campervans also ensure you’re not constantly unpacking and re-packing, as you would during other trips with several destinations. Unpack once into the ample storage of your campervan, and then grab things as you need them. What a relief!