Tips on Choosing the Perfect RV Mattress


Owning and driving an RV across the country is truly exciting, and it can give you the freedom you might have craved for. Whether you’ve just retired or you’re taking some time off from work and would finally like to see those places you’ve always want to go to, getting a motorhome would be by far the best idea you’d have.

Of course, there are a lot of aspects to keep in mind if you want to make sure that your trip is going to be a success. You need to make a checklist to ensure that you get all the comfort you might require at some point or the other.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you about some factors that can make the difference when it comes to you choosing the right or wrong RV mattress. Keep on reading if you’re finding it difficult selecting the right product.

Get the right size

Although it’s pretty obvious that getting a too small or a too large mattress is not the right thing to do, we had to mention this aspect right off the bat. The product has to fit your bed as best as possible, so we recommend measuring your bed first and then checking the size chart made available by the manufacturing brand.

The depth matters, too, because you might notice that some mattresses aren’t as thick or comfy as those that you’d have in your home, not your RV. On top of everything, you need to keep in mind that companies don’t make identical mattresses and that it might be a matter of trial and error until you get the perfect one.

What about comfort?

There are loads of variations when it comes to the way that the unit might have been manufactured to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Usually, though, most of the products made to be used in RVs are memory foam mattresses. These models reduce the tossing and turning of your body when trying to find the right sleeping position. Besides, memory foam has a great rep when it comes to reducing back pain.

If you want to get your mattress online, what we would recommend would be for you to spend several hours on the weekend or whenever you have free time to read some reviews from other buyers like you. Past and current users can tell you a lot about the durability, convenience, and comfort of one product or the next.


Because you’re going to install the mattress in an RV, so in a somewhat limited space, we urge you to consider getting one that has been certified by an association like CertiPUR-US. Such models don’t have any toxic flame retardants, mercury, formaldehyde, or any type of other substances that might make the mattress catch fire quickly in the event of such a mishap.

Dated mattresses are considered unsafe because they can actually become incandescent very quickly, therefore putting you and your family members at risk.