The Best International Shipping Deals


If you are a shopaholic and are looking for ways to save some money from shopping deals, you can google for the major shopping festivals available throughout the year in your country.  One of the major online shopping festivals is Singles’ Day, held on November 11 every year on Chinese e-commerce sites like Taobao and  China’s Singles Day on 11 November is the world’s biggest 24-hour online shopping event, with 1.9bn products ordered and delivered in 2019. This Sale trumps both America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined! 

Many other countries hold Singles’ Day sale in the spirit of this gargantuan online shopping festival.  Singles’ Day equals the future of ecommerce. This event is so important that November 11 became a bona fide shopping holiday when e-commerce giant Alibaba promoted it a decade ago.  In the Western countries, you can look forward to Super Bowl, Black Friday, White Friday, Cyber Monday, Ramadan, Green Monday, Blue Monday, St. Patrick’s Day essentials, Amazon Prime Day, to name a few.

According to Reuters, the most popular import products sold on Singles’ Day were food supplements, followed by makeup, diapers and face wash. As for Amazon, their best-selling items from Black Friday 2019 include tech items, toys and beauty products.   There are great deals on just about every sort of item you can think of in every category. If you’re diligent about scoring the best deals, you’ll save a lot of money on the things you need to buy. When you online shop, price research is important, and if you miss out on a deal, don’t fret; there’s a high chance it will pop up again at some point in the near future when another major sale arrives.

The speed and volume of e-commerce delivery has a promising future, driven by increasingly demanding online shoppers, especially during major shopping festivals.  In 2013, Alibaba delivered 100 million parcels in an average of 9 days. Four years later in 2017, wait time was shortened to 2.8 days, with cost of parcel shipping declining in tandem.

The idea of being able to buy imported products without any hassle during such exciting sales throughout the year has given lots of opportunities to shipping and logistics service providers to offer affordable shipping.  Shiply is one such shipping platform where online shoppers can engage a suitable shipping company from their panel at the best deal to pick up their online purchase from the seller abroad and have the items shipped directly to them.  

In just three simple steps, your newly online purchased items will be shipped to you via Shiply:

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If you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur struggling to handle a sudden increase in demand for international shipping caused by an increase in online shopping, you can turn to Shiply for help. Shiply has hundreds of shipping partners  that offer shipping to and from almost every country in the world to help you reach new markets easily and seamlessly. Get a Trademark Registration in Canada