Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, how about videos?


Pictures are worth more than a thousand words but videos are worth a million pages. Here are the best videos released this June.

Beyoncé and JayZ – Apeshit

When we talk of the Carters let’s not forget about their family values. Beyoncé and Husband JayZ collaborated and released a surprise album called Everything for Love. The album was released on June 16.

If you are a fan of Queen Bee you will understand that she never lets down. The video Apeshit is a stunner and it costed them a lot of money more than what some casino pokies online make. What is more captivating is that Bee is doing most of the rapping alongside JayZ. The couple worked their way to the top. The video has already ranked highly in the iTunes and Apple music charts. The video was shot in The Louvre Museum. Thumbs up for the perfect choreography performed by the Carters and the dancers.

XXX Tenacion – Sad

There is no motion or action like that we see in most videos but just a big question mark that is designed with pictures of the rapper in black and white throughout the song. The song was released in March 2018 but the song was ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in June. Sad song it is, the tune ranked number one after the death of the rapper.

A rising 20-year-old American Rapper XXX Tenacious lost his life soon after releasing this song.  It seems as if the upcoming star knew what was about to happen to him. Getting gun downed in the street and dying at a tender age. Another song was Everyone Dies in their nightmare. Again it was as if his instincts were predicting the future.

But that is enough talk of death for one day. You might want to take the option to be relaxing playing an online casino slot game with good music that soothes your soul? Whatever device that you are reading this from is capable of bringing this bliss to you.