My Trip to Faro: Some Useful Information About Monuments and Faro Airport Transfer


Faro is generally considered to be the starting point for traveling in southern Portugal or Spain, not as a holiday destination. This is because the only airport in southern Portugal – Faro Airport is located near the capital of the Algarve, you have to get to the city to continue the journey, that’s why when you are planning a trip to this city you have to take care about Faro airport transfer. This is a good opportunity to use Quicktransfer to get to the city center in a comfortable way. Without stopping for longer in Faro, you can lose calm and relaxing atmosphere of this beautiful place.

What to see in Faro

As soon as we get to the place and deal with the Faro airport transfer (which is quite easy if you use Quicktransfer) you realize that Tourist attractions in Faro are definitely different than those we know from crowded seaside resorts. Especially when we are talking about Old Town which is surrounded by beautiful walls. Faro is a city created for the romantic walks and for sightseeing. A good way to start sightseeing from Convento Nossa Senhora da Assuncao which is renaissance monastery with a beautiful courtyard, the church is very old its construction started already in 1519. In Faro, you can not miss the Cathedral, where there are magnificent collections of baroque sculptures. The interior of this temple must impress everyone, in particular, chapels can be seen among others. gilded altars, typical Portuguese painted mosaics, unique 17th-century lamps. Regardless of the city’s historical monuments in Faro, you should also enjoy the beauty of the local nature. Must see on the list of attractions in Faro is obviously nature park Ria Formosma. The park area includes a large stretch of coastline stretching between Faro and the city of Tavira. Ria Formosa is one of the largest protected lagoons in Europe and covers an area of ​​170 square kilometers. It is a great place for many bird species that live here.

Amazing cuisine

Faro’s cuisine is famous for the local specialties – seafood especially grilled sardines, are must-try for everyone who is staying in this beautiful city. What is the most important thing when we are talking about Faro cuisine is the freshness of products, we can be sure we will get food prepared from fresh produce straight out of the water and such occasions do not happen often. Walking down the streets is a good idea to try freshly squeezed orange juice. Ii will surely taste differently than the ones we know from the shops because the oranges grow naturally in this climate.

I sincerely encourage to visit Faro, especially those who want to rest from crowded cities, admire the beautiful views and taste local products, and seafood. Visiting Faro can be also great opportunity to relax on the breathtaking beaches.