Money Saving Tips for Travel

Save Money for Travel

Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, or to see family members, travel can be expensive. Saving money on transportation is a great way to trim your family budget and to make your travel less stressful. Road trips, air travel, and mass transit can be done on a budget. Our tips on how to save money while traveling will help you get around and let you enjoy your trip even more.

Road Trips

Many Americans prefer to take road trips rather than flying. The reason is that most Americans already own a car, have a driver’s license, and have no problem getting quotes for auto insurance that protects them in all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico. Another reason is that driving is often less expensive than flying, and many people appreciate the opportunity to see the country.

There are also many great ways to save money on road trips, making them appealing to budget-conscious travelers. Pack your own meals and snacks if at all possible. This will help you avoid costly restaurant visits. It will also give you healthier options. Buying food and drinks at grocery stores rather than at mnini-marts will also save you money.

Try to avoid getting gas at interstate travel plazas. Use your phone to compare gas prices locally and visit the cheapest stations. To make sure your car has the best possible fuel economy, take it for an oil change and maintenance before you depart. Keep your tires properly inflated to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

Sign up for electronic tolling. You can save up to half the cost of tolls by using a transponder. Many states have reciprocal agreements so you can use a transponder in multiple parts of the country. Electronic tolling will also make your trip less stressful since you won’t have to wait in long lines to pay cash.

Air Travel

The main way to save money on air travel is to make your reservations in advance. When you book at least 50 days before your travel date, you will find cheap airfare. When you make last minute bookings, you will pay a premium. Try to avoid last-minute flights if at all possible.

Another great way to save money on air travel is to fly at off-peak times. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the best days to fly, according to most discount airfare websites.

Mass Transit

When you’re discovering how to get around a major city, consider using mass transit. Using mass transit is a smart way to save money. If you take mass transit, you will be spared the high cost of renting a car as well as costly parking fees. Purchase mass transit cards rather than paying cash for your fares, and you will save even more money.

It may be difficult to take mass transit if you are traveling as a family with young children, but for people with older children or adults traveling alone, it is a great cost savings. Many cities including New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago have robust and easy to use public transit systems. These systems will take you from the airport to your hotel. Getting around the city during your visit is easy with mass transit.

It is also worth considering taking an Amtrak train or bus to your destination. Bus travel is much less expensive than flying and may be worth it when replacing a short-haul flight. Taking a train or bus will allow you to see the country without the stress and expense of driving.

Use our handy tips and enjoy your travel with added peace of mind and the satisfaction that comes from saving money.