Add Location Feature in Your Mobile App and Let Everyone Find Your Business Easily


There is no doubt in saying that mobile apps are getting more in demand day after day. They are easy to operate, control and affordable as well due to which it has gained wide popularity. But, most of the app owners go through one same problem and that is, they are not visible in market because of which they are not able to achieve beneficial results. Well, this problem can be overcome easily by adding a tracking or location feature in your app. For this you can search online where you will find number of such platforms which can help you in adding a tracker in your developing app.

Radar is one of the most trustable and efficient online platform that can be used for adding tracking and location context with help of few code lines. There are many such platforms which can be preferred by the user according to their need and budget. Different platforms use different types of technologies and developing tools, due to which it becomes much important that one should consider necessary tips while choosing anyone. Radar is one of the few platforms that can help in finding users home or office location in less than a minute or so.

Geofencing – The most remarkable feature – There are many platforms to choose among, but the most important feature which you cannot afford to miss is geofencing. It is a feature in software program which uses radio frequency or global positioning system for defining geographical boundaries. Basically, it is a location based service in which software or any other app uses RFID, GPS, cellular data or Wi-Fi for triggering pre-programmed action when RFID tag or mobile device exists or enter virtual boundary to set up a geographical location around.

Geofence can be either passive or active. Active geofence requires an end user to opt for location services and mobile app should be open. While on other hand, passive geofence remains always on and most importantly, they rely on cellular data or Wi-Fi instead of RFID or GPS and it keep on working in background.

Applications of Geofencing – Geofencing is not only used in mobile applications, but it has many other uses. Some other areas where this technology is used include drone management, fleet management, asset management, human resource management, marketing, law enforcement, compliance management, home automation, marketing and much more.

Benefits of geofencing technology – Geofencing works with help of GPS technology and it is very sensitive. The main benefit of this technology is that, it offer exact information about location and even let you know ongoing movements of user. This technology can even include or cover entire city or you can also choose a street facing business location. Geofence can also be used for targeting specific group of customers within appropriate time. Geofencing technology can be used for any type of business campaign for sending different types of messages to potential customers. Typically, geofence need not to be always created around your business. But, it can be used in bundles of ways to provide maximum benefits to your business.