Kettlebell Training and power workouts for Boxing

Kettlebell Training and power workouts for Boxing

The kettlebell exercises offer the most effective all-around whole-body exercises, it combines strength & conditioning, both of them are needed to improve your boxing & kickboxing skills.

It is said that Strong punches originated from string shoulders. Kettlebells are the best equipment for training boxing. This exercise too is really  versatile. It delivers a wide array of benefits such as increase of raw power for building endurance and increasing strength. Those athletes who do not have enough time for gym or have limited budget, these kettlebell exercises will sky high their performance.

What are kettlebells?

Kettlebell workout equipment dates back  centuries for developing. In today’s world of fitness, this equipment is used by fitness athletes and combatants and everyone for gaining fitness benefits. One thing that combatants need for being successful in their sport is being enabled to utilize both their strength & power along with their fighting skills. Any punch who lacks power and explosiveness is ineffective. In this article we are going to list the most effective boxing workouts that you can do at home by using line equipment kettlebells.

1)   Kettlebell Swings

Foundation of kettlebell training is the  dynamic hip-hinge move that you get to practice with this exercise. This move is highly effective for developing power in your posterior chain & endurance that is crucial for the fighters for later fighting rounds. Start practicing this workout by getting in the athletic stance, which is similar to the shoulder-based sumo-deadlift exercise. Start by putting the kettlebell on the floor in front. Hinge the hips back & bend over to grab your kettlebell by it’s handle by using both of your hands. Keep your focus on the lats being engaged & the core staying tight throughout the movement. After that hike the kettlebell with the legs for initiating the swing, make sure you keep the knees bent & the spine in the neutral position.

Then forcefully start driving the hips up & forward, while attempting to propelling the kettlebell in the air at your front. Keep your focus on the thrusting of the kettlebell, both of the arms shouldn’t be the driving factor for raising the kettlebell. You should be in the vertical position, with your kettlebell liften no higher than the shoulder height. Allow the kettlebell for traveling back down between the legs while controlling it’s moment throughout. With the kettlebell traveling down through the legs, the hips should hing at the back, the spine should stay neutral, with your lats & core engaged, move smoothly to the next rep.

2)   Squat Jumps

Squat jumps work really great for the lower body. It helps in developing power in your lower body while building muscular endurance, in your legs especially. It’s popularly known that during fighting your legs are first to go. It helps in building muscular endurance. Assume the kettlebell’s wing stance is your starting position. From that position Jump up and explode as high as you possibly can. Your arms should remain steady during the movement & hang straight down while you hold the kettlebell by using it. Then land  under the controlled squat moment, while allowing this equipment to tap the floor & explode back. This one rep performs this exercise for 10-20 reps.

3)   Rotational Swings

It’s one of the most effective exercises that improves the transfer of power through the punches & kicks. Rotational swing is an ideal exercise for boxers & kickboxers for developing core stability. Start performing this exercise by standing tall in the athletic stance, hold the kettlebell by using both of your hands, your arms straight down, in a relaxed manner. Then start swinging while keeping the kettlebell at your side, use the motion of your upper body, while bending your elbows slightly.

Kettlebells should follow a path of the grandfather clock. Gain your momentum slowly while keeping the core engaged, drive the hips & rotate the heels till the kettlebell has reached your shoulder height. While you pivot the moment, ensure the kettlebell clears the knees out at your front.

4)   Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell windmill is an undervalued exercise, performing it will not directly boost your punching power. However, it will boost the strength & stability in your shoulder joint, strengthen your muscles in the posterior chain, while developing the hip extension movement pattern. All these movements will  nudge the explosive levels of the power. It’s a highly technical move. This movement requires high focus & body awareness. It makes this exercise really great for weeding the half-assers & rewarding the focused boxers.

Start this workout by grabbing your kettlebell in the hand. Then swing up your shoulders while lifting it overhead. Place the opposite hand at your leg side. Place both of the feet outside of your hip width. Then push your hips back. While you begin to push them make sure you keep the eyes fixated at the kettlebell while you slide the hand down closer to the leg. Once both of your hands have reached the shin, extend your hips to return to your top position. Make sure you keep your core tightly engaged, your lats locked during the whole movement.

5)   Kettlebell Halo

Kettlebell Halo exercise works really well for the stabilization of your core while getting the shoulder burn. Additional bonus is that it’s an amazing conditioning workout that helps the fighters when it comes to dealing with body shots. Start this exercise by getting in the athletic stance, while holding a kettlebell upside down using its handle at the level of your chest. After that rotate this kettlebell in the clockwise manner & around your head circular motion. Once that kettlebell passes at the front of the body, rotate again in the counterclockwise motion. After that continue rotating while switching back & forth upto 5 to 10 reps while keeping the core engaged the whole time.

6)   Wrist Pronation & Supination

This workout works really well for developing wrist & forearm strength. This workout also helps the fighter in getting more snaps in his punches. Start this exercise by lying flat on the ground placed next to the bench or the flat surface with a kettlebell lying at the side. The bell should face the right, at an angle of 90 degree the the resting plane. Start this exercise with the pronation, by grabbing a kettlebell with both of your hands and your palm facing the sky. After that rotate & flip that kettlebell at the axis till the bell facing at left, make sure your palm face downwards while you perform this. Keep your supination movement, flip the bell back at the position from where you started. Perform the whole exercise in a controlled manner.