How to Successfully Go Mud Bogging With Your Super Swamper Tires

Mud Bogging

Mud bogging is a popular year-round sport in some parts of the country. In areas where harsh weather doesn’t allow for winter mud bogging, some die-hard fans travel to other parts of the country to get their mud bogging fix in. If you’re just getting started in this exciting sport, here are a few things you should know about how to successfully go mud bogging with your Super Swamper mud tires.

Keep Your Rig From Contacting the Mud

The biggest challenge mud boggers experience is making it successfully through the mud pit without getting stuck. Some experts insist that the only way to keep from getting stuck is by keeping your rig from coming into direct contact with the mud. Obviously this rule doesn’t refer to the tires, but the body of your rig should be kept above mud level at all times, if possible.

Never Dig Into the Mud

Keeping your rig from contacting the mud is impossible if you allow your tires to dig down and drag your axles through the goopy mess. So, how do you keep from sinking into a giant pool of mud that acts like a suction cup on your vehicle? Try to skim across the top of it. You can do this by maintaining a steady speed while crossing the mud pit. If you try to go too quickly, your wheels will likely spin out and dig deeper into the mud.

Choose the Right Tires

If you’re serious about successfully mud bogging, you need the right tires. Super swamper mud tires come in a variety of sizes and tread depths. You need to keep your vehicle’s horsepower in mind when selecting the size and tread you should purchase. You can get more aggressive with your tire choice the better your power-to-weight ratio is.

Get Ready for Mud Bogging!

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