How to prepare your motorcycle for a long-distance ride

How to prepare your motorcycle for a long-distance ride.

Going for a long journey on the motorcycle is not an easy job, and it’s not for everyone. The long-distance journey can be challenging for you if you are just an ordinary/regular biker who is not much aware of these road challenges. If you are preparing yourself to hit the road for a long-distance road trip, you need to prepare your bike before heading off on any of the road trips, and also there are certain things which you may need to know, and must make yourself ready for the adventurous road trip.

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In this blog, I will describe some elements which are required for preparing your motorcycle for long-distance rides.

Check your motorcycle tires.

Before hitting the road, you must have a check on your tires first. Check their air pressure, also check the depth of your tires, they should be 2/32 inch thread depth. Use the tread depth gauge, or you can also check by inserting the penny into each groove thread head upside down. If you are able to see the thread head, it means the tire is worn out and should be replaced. In other words, you can say that your tire tread has a minimum depth of 1.6mm across the central three quarters using the measuring gauge. So, if your thread is between 1.6mm and 3mm, you must change your tires before going on a trip. Also have a look for uneven wear, such as wear on one side of the thread.

Check your motorcycle battery

I would suggest you install the gel motorcycle battery, which along with its durability gives a great performance. Gel cell batteries have the advantage of being used in virtually any position because they don’t leak and don’t require maintenance. Your vehicle is a really important component, so it’s also important to have a check on your battery before you hit the road, and it’s important that your battery should remain in a good condition. Also, make sure that your battery has adequate voltage as well. A simple battery check keeps you away from being trapped and stuck on the road.

How long does the gel battery last?

If you keep your battery charged when it is not in use, the lifespan of a 12-volt gel battery is up to six years. After five to six years of float voltage with an average ambient temperature of 25 degrees, the battery still retains 80 percent of its original capacity.

Checking for your motorbike fluids.

Before hitting the road make sure that your motorbike fluids are full along with that your filters should also be cleaned. Must check the engine oil when your motorbike is warm because the hot engine can indicate that the oil is running for a while, it also gives you the exact/accurate reading, and also permits the engine oil to circulate around. So before hitting the road, check that your bike has sufficient fuel, engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic and transmission fluid. Also, take a look at your bike’s gasket, seals, and hoses to make sure that there is no sign of fluid leakage. It’s also a great idea for assuring yourself that your bike is in good condition.

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Fill up your tank as well.

There are several riders who wait for the reserve, and then they plan to fill up their petrol tank again. But this approach is not safe, and would also cause several issues because sometimes there is no availability of petrol pumps, especially in barren areas. So you must have a check on the petrol tank and try to fill it before you hit the road, it will save your time too.

Check for your motorcycle windscreen.

Before you hit the road make sure to rinse your windshield with lukewarm, soapy water. Avoid rubbing or making circular motions while cleaning it, also use the soft cloth and clean up with side to side movements instead.

Check for your motorbike headlights.

Make sure that your headlights, parking lights, tail lamp, and indicators are working properly. No matter if you are traveling at night or in the day, you must always inspect your motorbike lights because every light is installed in your vehicle for a reason. So your headlights will help you to see at night along with that they will keep you safe too by making you visible to the other vehicles as well.

Checking the motorcycle Cables.

Before starting your road trip make sure that your motorbike lever, throttle, and clutch cables are working perfectly and they are in a good condition, not worn out and not sticking as well. Along with that, you must change your motorcycle cables every 4 to 5 years.

How do I know if my motorbike throttle cables are not working accurately?

There are certain signs when your throttle cable is bad.

  1. When you press the pedal it may feel hard and stiff.
  2. The pedal gets stuck and you are not able to realize it comfortably.
  3. There is a delay in response when you push the pedal down.


Be sure that your kickstand is also working properly because if it’s not working you are not able to park your bike anywhere.

Bottom line

Riding a bike is a lot of fun, but there is also the possibility of accidents as well. So the safest way of using your motorbike and making it ready for the long-distance ride is to inspect all those elements which I have mentioned above. So be safe and ride safely!