Holiday Destinations for a Guaranteed White Christmas


Christmas comes but once a year and if you find yourself dreaming of a white Christmas then you should travel to one of the places in the world that can make your dream a reality. Here are 5 holiday destinations for a guaranteed white Christmas.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital city of Norway and it is a great place for a white Christmas. Remember to say God Jul on Christmas day as this is Norwegian for Merry Christmas. You can visit Christmas Markets like Rudolph Steiner School’s Christmas market, America Christmas Market, The Designers Own Christmas Market and The Norwegian Folk Christmas Fair where you will find handmade decorations and gifts. There are also plenty of Christmas Concerts to attend. Don’t forget to find your own patch of snow to make a snow angel in.

The Alps

The Alps are a snowy wonderland at Christmas time and it is a great place for a winter holiday. Trois Vallees is a short train ride from Paris and it is a fabulous place to go for Christmas Eve. Santa and his elves visit and they accompany the ski instructors down one of the runs. Visit the village of Les Menuire where there are plenty of decorated trees, shows for children, entertainment and lots of carollers. Les Gets resort goes all out for Christmas and you can explore Santa’s home and workshop and walk through the Enchanted Forest. Make sure that you get plenty of outdoor activities in like tobogganing, skiing, ice climbing, ice skating, and snowshoeing. As a Christmas present to yourself, be sure to book a catered luxury lodge so you can relax in comfort whilst being served delicious meals.

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is on the west coast of BC and some years there is snow at Christmas and some years there is not. But if you head to one of the ski hills like Whistler or Sun Peaks you are guaranteed to find snow. Spending Christmas day on the slopes is a great way to spend Christmas and eating Christmas dinner at a restaurant is a great way to escape the hassle of cooking and cleaning on Christmas Day.


Iceland offers up many things for people to do at Christmas. The best way to get around is to rent a car. Glaciers make up 11% of Iceland and you can go snowmobiling or trekking with crampons on top of them. You can head out on guided tours to see the Northern Lights and December is a fantastic time to view them. You can go swimming at Blue Lagoon, a geothermally heated lake that is in the middle of a lave field.

Visiting Iceland in winter means less crowded spots, although you’ll need to be more on the lookout for the weather and road closures. Driving a 4×4 vehicle, like a campervan, is one practical option to get around safely and comfortably. Make your reservations early.  

Brussels, Belgium

In Brussels there is a chance of having a white Christmas, but even if it doesn’t snow it is still very festive as there are lots of fun activities and some of the best chocolate and waffles in the world. Make sure that you head to the Brussels Christmas Market where you can see decorated Christmas trees, and pick up locally crafted decorations and gifts from wooden kiosks. You can also go on fair rides, go ice skating, watch outdoor musicians, and eat and drink to your heart’s content. You can rent fabulous cottages on the outskirts of Brussels that are surrounded by nature.