Gear Review: Standard’s Carry-on Travel Backpack

Traveling around the globe is the dream to a lot of people, but there are several hindrances one needs to consider. One of the main obstacles most individuals come across is the lack of money. With the increasing number of airlines charging immense sums for checked baggage, it’s no wonder why traditional tourists are becoming more inclined to use carry-on luggage only.

However, packing all belongings in a single carry-on backpack isn’t easy, and it’s absolutely crucial to find the best deal on the market. Standard’s Carry-on Travel Backpack clearly stands out from the competition with excellent design and even sturdier construction. Based on the incredible client audits, this rucksack merits all the consideration it can get.


This medium-sized backpack stands at 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 when zipped and 21.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 fully extended, which means it fits all carrier measure rules. Speaking of volume, Standard’s Carry-on backpack extends from 35-45L, however, weighs just 3.7 pounds which is exceptionally amazing. Remote workers will be satisfied with the fact that this backpack has a different pocket sufficiently enormous for any 15” portable workstation or a 15” Macbook Pro.


With the ability to transform into rucksack in a manner of seconds with concealable straps, travelers will simply fall in love with this thing. Still, for voyagers more prone to convey luggage in the customary way, this knapsack also offers cushioned top and side speed handles. A removable premium shoulder strap is likewise incorporated into the bundle, yet it can be removed when not being used. Exchangeable Orange and Teal pronunciation hues are incorporated to break the dreariness, and spice up the design.

Characteristic safety features turn this backpack into a trusted companion. Built-in safety whistle is a great touch, and the special dedicated pockets ensure that the travelers’ documents will always be out of harm’s way. The additional rain covers are also provided, adding another layer of waterproof protection. Due to the clamshell-style opening, lie flat packing is also not an issue.

Extra Features

Standard definitely decided not to shrimp away with the quality of their product, and that decision is a welcomed sight. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why this small backpack can easily compete with other premium level products.

The outside texture comprises of 1680 denier high perseverance ballistic nylon. This amazing material proved to be very durable, and it’s also waterproof. Furthermore, it’s very strong, and can withstand a lot of punishment from years of travel. Rugged 5mm YKK zips were utilized all around, so it’s very improbable that this rucksack will ever get deteriorated. Additionally, ITW Nexus mark buckles and clips utilized for the sternum strap are an excellent sign of quality.

Cost and Shipping

With an phenomenal price of $179.00, this rucksack is a standout amongst the most reasonable arrangements available. Standard is so sure about the nature of their item that they decided to offer a Lifetime guarantee and a Satisfaction assurance to their clients.

Free World-Wide Shipping through Fedex or DHL International Shipping Service are also included in this amazing deal. Actually, purchasers from nations other than USA and Canada will likely need to pay extra import charges, but Standard Luggage will deal with the transportation costs. Considering a very reasonable price tag that comes with the backpack, this is truly a magnificent gesture.


All things considered, it’s not hard to realize why the Standard’s Carry-on Travel Backpack scores supreme marks across the board. Created from the materials of the highest quality, this phenomenal knapsack will serve buyers for quite a while.

Standard’s Carry-on Travel Bag transforms from a backpack to classic luggage or a shoulder bag in a matter of seconds. With a few helpful pockets at reachable spots, the practicality is top notch. To sum it up, this stylish rucksack is, without a doubt, a superb decision for any voyager searching for a solid travel buddy for years to come.