How to Be Flexible and Save Money at The Same Time

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To travel is to conquer a dream, there is no doubt about it, what you don’t plan in your dreams is the troubles, delays and surprises that come along while you are on your journey. When you are the kind of people that is 100% organized, strict with your schedules and a little inflexible, then to travel can make you lose your mind.

This is why sometimes you just have to let go, yes, it’s true that to make a schedule of activities will allow you to elaborate a wide budget and to have knowledge about how much can you spend during your trip on each thing. But if you are to attached to this schedule you can miss some amazing things that maybe are meant for you to meet.

For example for the bachelors that have already planned their trip and on the way get to meet a summer crush, this would make them change their plans and activities and maybe to spend a little more along the way or in the case of groups or family trips where one of the members saw a place from far away that caught his attention and he wants to meet it so eventually he drags you there.

To travel is just one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences there are, you will feel a little insecure at first but then you will find yourself on the road. What likes you and what doesn’t, you will take decisions every day and will find a lot of time to listen to your thoughts.

For these reasons we want to help you organize your trip and your budget, remember  that this will have to be flexible and you will always have to leave a little more time and money to any eventuality that might show up.

Let’s start by the lodging, this is where you will sleep, if you are going to visit a new city staying in the room for a long time it’s not the right thing to do, the idea is that you have to go out as much as you can and let the sleeping time for the return.

Search for several lodging options that adjust to your needs, if you wish to stay on a luxury room for a couple of nights, if you prefer something more accessible and simple to do the job like a hostel or you are looking for something in between, you can look in a website such as that will allow you to compare hotel prices and to read some reviews so you can find the one that fits to all your needs.

If you already have the hotel and you are worried about how to move around there is a choice you must study, in general the public transport will get the job done and will take you where you want to go, but if you start to get tired of the long distances that you have to walk and you choose to take a cab then you should look for the option to rent a car, most of the time the cost of taking cabs every day during long distances can get over the price of a rented car, so you will not only lose money and comfort you will also lose your time.

When you are done with the previous points you will have to start to think about the food, including breakfast in the lodging will give you the ease to have the first meal of the day, then the lunch and dinner will depend of your budget and likings, you can find executive menus on business areas that will give you an excellent food for a fine price and finally the dinner will be anywhere the hunger and the night strikes you.

Don’t forget to leave an extra for the presents and shopping, even if you don’t think about it, to take a souvenir from that new city is something that will come to your mind in any moment, besides the offers you might find comparing prices from that place to the prices from your local area.

As a last tip you must know that as attractive as it is to buy thing on the duty free is not the right thing to do, remember that those places are the most popular and where the people tends to buy souvenirs so the prices can make your trip a little to more expensive.

Have these tips present with you at all times during your trip and when you are making your plans and you will conquer your dream without any problems, being free and happy at all times.

Happy Journey!