Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with a Vape


Vaping is inhaling of vapor from a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. The vapor can come from dried herbs or e-liquids concentrate. Traveling with a vape is a bit complicated because it is a new recreational substance whose laws and restrictions are sporadic and keep changing from one place to another. There are a few things you need to consider when you want to travel with your vaping equipment:

Your means of traveling

Whatever mode of transport you choose; you have to know if the given company or benchmark allow passengers to vape on board. If you are taking a road trip, you need not worry much about vaping because you are probably commuting within the country whose law and regulations you know.
If you are going to travel on a plane, you should be aware of the airline’s policy on vaping before you book a flight. You can find out this information on their site or by contacting them directly via email or social media. It is very likely that the airlines that allow vaping won’t let you vape on board. So, put your e-cigarettes in your luggage or carry-on, but don’t defy their laws.

What’s your destination?

Knowing that the airline you are using allows people to vape is the first step, but you may also want to research in detail whether it is legal in your destination. Crossing a national boundary means you are subject to new rules and laws, so it is necessary to know what their policy on vaping entails.

In the UK, you can vape in the car in some regions. But then, you will need to check the Public Health Law website to find out which areas restrict vaping. Other countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong among other have prohibited vaping in the entire country.

Proper packaging of your equipment

Vaping machines and e-cigarettes are expensive and sensitive equipment. You need to pack properly and safely in your luggage to keep them from breaking. It can be devastating when your vaping stuff breaks before you reach your destination.
More importantly, when the vaping machine breaks down during the flight, it can be a safety hazard. The movement of the loose batteries back and forth in your luggage can ignite into a fire. Make sure you lock the nicotine and e-liquid jars plus the cigarettes tightly and securely to avoid any leakage.

Be Concerned of the other passengers

Not everybody vapes, therefore you have to respect your fellow travelers on the plane. It is imperative that you treat vaping as you would to smoking. Some people frown upon it, so if you are in public places like restaurants and parks and feel like taking a hit, you should ask if the people around you will be comfortable before you start vaping. Otherwise, vaping in public areas could get you on the wrong side of the law – arrested and or fined.


Vaping can be a very addictive hobby. Most people favor it since it can satisfy the nicotine cravings and it is also a better alternative than smoking. A vape has a cleaner smoke which is good for the teeth and lighter on the lungs. When traveling with a vaporizer, especially on commercial flights, requires you to do thorough research to make sure your hobby doesn’t put you into trouble.