EE Broadband vs Competitors: Which is the Best Provider?

Internet providerAre you looking for a new broadband provider? In this article, we’ll take a look at EE Broadband and its two biggest competitors, BT Broadband and Plusnet. We’ll compare their services and price points to see which is the best broadband provider in the UK.

EE Broadband

EE Broadband is the UK’s largest mobile network. Currently, it offers six broadband plans to its customers. The basic plans are:

  • EE Unlimited Broadband plan, £21 a month, 10mbps speed
  • EE Unlimited Fibre Broadband, £27 a month, 36mpbs speed
  • EE Unlimited Fibre Plus Broadband, £31 a month, 67mbps speed

You can add EE Broadband’s Anytime Calls to any of these plans for an additional £5 per month.

EE Broadband Pros

EE Broadband Cons

  • Longer contract at 18 months
  • Fewer plans than Plusnet and BT Broadband


Plusnet is an affordable British internet service provider that offers broadband, landline, and mobile services to its customers. It has nine broadband plans including:

  • Plusnet Unlimited Broadband, £18.99 a month, 10mbps speed
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre, £23.99 a month, 36mbps speed
  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra, £27.99 a month, 66mbps speed

You can add Plusnet’s Anytime Calls to any of these plans for an additional £5 per month, or Eve & Weekend Calls for an additional £4 per month.

Plusnet Pros

  • Fast internet speed
  • Unlimited monthly downloads
  • Shorter contract for the Plusnet Unlimited Broadband (with add-ons or not) at 12 months
  • Offers the most options and least expensive plans among the three broadband providers

Plusnet Cons

  • Additional set-up cost for all plans from £5 to £9.95
  • Longer contract for Plusnet Fibre and Fibre Extra at 18 months

BT Broadband

 BT Broadband is one of the most popular broadband service providers in the UK. It offers eight broadband plans to its customers including:

  • BT Broadband, £24.99 to £29.49 a month, 10mbps speed
  • BT Superfast Fibre, £29.99 to £35.99 a month, 50mbps speed
  • BT Superfast Fibre 2, £39.99 to £45.99 a month, 67mbps speed

BT Broadband Pros

  • Fast internet speed
  • Unlimited monthly downloads
  • Free add-ons such as reward cards, discounts for BT Sport App and BT Sport On Sky, and free Amazon Echo

BT Broadband Cons

  • Most expensive plans among three providers
  • Additional set-up cost from £9.99 to £29.99
  • All plans have an 18-month contract

So What is the Best Broadband Provider in the UK?

On average, EE Broadband offers competitive internet speeds at reasonable price points. It also doesn’t have a set-up cost, which means you’ll be able to save money upfront if you choose their service. It may have a longer contract than Plusnet’s cheapest plan, but the average contract for broadband providers in the UK is actually 18 months.

Additionally, even though it doesn’t have the same range of freebies that BT Broadband offers with its plans, it is still a good broadband service provider that gives you the best internet speeds at its given prices.

If you want a fast and reliable broadband service provider at a reasonable price, then choose EE broadband for your home.