Day Trips from Dubrovnik: 10 Dubrovnik excursions you can’t miss

The Island of Lokrum

How to get there: The best, and often only, way to reach the island of Lokrum is by a short ferry. The journey itself lasts only for about 15 minutes, and this is one of the most popular Dubrovnik day trips for both visitors and locals.

What to do: Exploration is the main theme of any visit to this lovely island, as it’s the home to numerous old buildings like a monastery, botanical gardens, and an old French castle that allows for some amazing views of the sea and the surrounding scenery, making this one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik.


How to get there: this city is only 20km away from Dubrovnik, so it’s quite easy to reach by car, or by the regular buses and boats. If you’re short on time there are organized tours too, so that’s always a great option

What to do: Cavtat is also an old city much like Dubrovnik, so there are plenty of historic buildings to see. These include the Rector’s Palace, and the Racic Mausoleum which was designed by a famous Croatian sculptor. Other popular activities are kayaking, biking, swimming, and numerous other watersports, making this one of the best Dubrovnik day trips.


How to get there: if you’re traveling there in-season, then your best bet is to get there by boat, and this ride lasts from about two and a half hours. Other than that, you can go Orebic, a city that’s quite near Dubrovnik, and catch a ferry from there to the island. In any case an organized tour can quite help with planning a trip to Korcula.

What to do: Korcula is a stunning medieval town with an amazing scenery and architecture. This is one of the most memorable Dubrovnik day trips, not just because of the numerous old buildings in the town, like St. Mark’s Cathedral, but also for the surrounding scenery. It’s the main star of the show and is as unforgettable as it is beautiful.

Mljet National Park

How to get there: The best way to reach this stunning island and national park is by a direct boat ride from Dubrovnik that lasts just under two hours. Another way is to drive to Prapratno with a car and catch the short ferry ride from there, but an organized tour might just be the best way to reach this awesome national park.

What to do: The two lakes, aptly named Big Lake and Small Lake are an amazing natural sight to behold. One of them even has a tiny island that has an old Benedictine monastery, which is best viewed from up close on a boat tour.

Elafiti Island

How to get there: As one of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik, reaching the Elafiti Islands is best done with an organized tour. Other than that they’re a relatively short boat ride from the port of Dubrovnik.

What to do: 3 of the 13 islands are inhabited in this beautiful archipelago, but all of them can be easily explored with a sailing tour. Besides the fantastic beaches, gorgeous waters, and spectacular scenery, there’s an interesting variety of old houses, castles, and forts found on these beautiful islands.

Babin Kuk

How to get there: as this is one of the areas of Dubrovnik, it’s still a part of town and can be easily reached on foot. It’s located on the western part of town, on the northern end of the Lapad peninsula, and it’s considered one of the most popular Dubrovnik excursions, even though it’s part of the town.

What to do: This is an important tourist spot with plenty of beaches, bars, and restaurants, and it’s the old spot that has a camp in the entire town of Dubrovnik. Between the numerous hotels and accommodations, this is a cozy place of town, with some of the best beaches in the area.


How to get there: Split is about 230km away from Dubrovnik, so the best way to reach it is either by car or by bus. The drive is pretty straightforward, though you’d probably have to circle around the Bosnia-Herzegovina border, and the buses are regular. However the most efficient way to go to Split from Dubrovnik is with an organized group that will take care of all the details.

What to do: This is definitely one of the best Dubrovnik day trips, as it involves seeing a fantastic city with numerous old buildings, a fascinating culture, and even a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Trogir and Blue Lagoon

How to get there: While it is possible to reach it by ferry, the best way to reach the city of Trogir is by land, via either car or bus. It is around a 3.5 hours’ drive, and from there, reaching the wonderful Blue Lagoon is best done with the help of an organized tour, as it can get tricky to reach it otherwise.

What to do: The town itself is a wonderful lecture in history and architecture, as it’s not only old but also part of it is built on an island that’s connected to the city by a bridge. The Blue Lagoon is some of the best unspoiled nature a person can see, and everything together easily make one of the best Dubrovnik excursions out there.

Kotor and Budva, Montenegro

How to get there: There are numerous regular buses that go to both of these Montenegrin towns, but since there’s a border crossing and they’re quite far away, the best way to see them would be with an organized tour.

What to do: These old towns offer plenty of unique history and amazing maritime culture, as they’re filled with museums and old forts, but they’re also amazing place to go to party. They’re definitely some of the best day trips from Dubrovnik.

Mostar, Bosnia

How to get there: If you’re staying overnight (which I highly recommend), feel free to take the bus from Dubrovnik as it’s a smooth and simple ride, taking about 4 hours or so (plus border crossings). However, if you’ve only got one day allotted for Mostar, a group tour is the way to go.

What to do: This is one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik, as it involves exploring old cobbled streets, some of the most unique architecture from the Ottoman era, and even a place called Apparition Hill, where supposedly supernatural things have the tendency to happen.