The Best Countries to Work Remotely From

Remote Work

It’s easier than ever to work remotely, and more and more people are hitting the road and taking their job with them. But #vanlife isn’t the only way people are opting to work out of the office. Many are traveling overseas, sitting on beaches and sipping cocktails out of pineapples while accessing work emails. Some are sitting in cozy coffee shops in Europe, finishing up their work before going out to enjoy the local cuisine.

And guess what? That could be you, too.

When your wanderlust convinces you to get out and see the world, here are the best cities to work remotely from:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is often cited as one of the most popular places to work remotely — and it makes sense. The island offers exquisite ocean views, endless smoothie bowls, and activities galore. Living expenses are also cheap, with hotels costing $20 to $30 a night (hostels are even less!), and the Wifi is fast and accessible. In recent years Bali has also seen an increase in co-working spaces that offer the fastest internet connection on the island. Uber is also popular there, and can be used as a cheap way to travel within the area.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has a high level of Wifi accessibility, plenty of hip coffee shops, 24-hour cafes, and a 60Mbps Internet speed. The robust public transportation system will also get you anywhere you need, which is great for any short-term dweller not looking to buy a car. If you’re pinching pennies, cheap hotels can be found for under $20 a night, delicious lunches can be found for $5 a meal, and the crime rate is relatively low. Seoul is also a short stop away from wild spaces. Take a portable power pack or a solar powered USB charger and work from a beach, or take a day trip to South Korea’s warmer paradise: Jeju Island.

Belgrade, Serbia

Many European capitals might break the bank for those looking to work abroad and remotely, but Belgrade isn’t one of them. The city boasts plenty of coffee shops, cheap food, co-working spaces and affordable rent. Meals can be purchased for $5, and the people are friendly and most speak English.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is another relatively cheap European city, and with over 170 museums in the city, it’s bursting with culture and history. The public transportation system is efficient, making it possible to live without a car. Rent is relatively cheap compared to other European cities, and Wi-Fi is easy to find.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a beautiful and affordable city brimming with food and culture. A typical meal is between $2 to $3, and a night at a hostel can be as low as just below $30. Many of the locals speak English, and there’s plenty of English signage, making it relatively easy to navigate the city, even if you don’t speak Mandarin. The city is covered in coffee shops and tea shops that offer free or cheap Wifi.