Appreciating the North: Best Motorcycle Rides In Northern California

Appreciating the North: Best Motorcycle Rides In Northern California

For the motorcycle enthusiast, nothing gets better than enjoying a motorcycle trip towards the north. Where most people think about parties and they instantly think about Las Vegas motorcycle enthusiasts when they think about enjoying long motorcycle trips, they instantly think about the Cali routes. Northern California has some of the most scenic routes that every motorcycle enthusiast can enjoy. However, most people who have never been on a motorcycle trip alone or with a group before want to look for a simple and easy traveling route. Apart from this, beginners who are not familiar with solo trips find it hard to ride on difficult roads. The best thing about Northern California is that it offers a very calm and scenic view. Where Southern California is all about hustle and bustle, northern California has natural scenic routes that you can enjoy on the go.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the top 4 best motorcycle routes that everyone can enjoy. These northern California routes are best for beginners as well as for experts. For people who want to go on solo tours for the first time and yet experience adventure, these routes are a must-try.

Top 4 Motorcycle Rides In Northern California

Finding a good route in northern California requires a lot of research. You want to make sure that the destination is not only safe and beautiful, the route is a lot better. Another important thing is that different routes are scenic and people stop there just to get pictures. This results in slowing down the traffic and sometimes it even results in the form of accidents. Before selecting the best travel destination and routes make sure you know in detail about all the places. There are online forums where people will share their opinion about the destination and route. Apart from this, they also share their personal experience regarding the place and this eventually helps in finding the best destination that suits your requirements.

Point Reyes

Point Reyes is one of the best northern California routes. Even if you join an online traveling forum for recommendation two out of five people will highly recommend this route. If you are a fan of Big Sur Pacific Coast High Route, you will definitely like this route. Another important thing is that most people who visit the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway route claim that it is pretty similar regarding the view as well. If you have to differentiate between both you will see redwood trees in Point Reyes and these trees are pretty giant. Overall, this route is scenic and very calming so you can take your friends along or enjoy a solo trip. People who like photography also like to bring their cameras to capture some shots.

Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway

Exceptionally breathtaking and scenic, this route is a pleasant dream for every artist. This is one of the best routes that almost every motorcycle enthusiast will recommend to you. This route has a pacific coast on one side and coastal cliffs on the other side. Most YouTube stars who like to make motor vlogs choose this route specifically because they like the overall scenery. Apart from this, you will get beautiful drone shots from this route as well. You will also get to visit some of the common tourist destinations including wineries. One of the main issues that most people face while traveling this route is that gas stations are very rare so you might have to wait for long hours just to fill up gas.

Kingsbury Grade

Kingsbury Grade is also known as Highway 207. Lake Tahoe towards northern California is definitely a route that you cannot miss. If you are not into long routes, this should definitely be your choice. Tahoe south is a simple, short, and easy route that is extremely fun as well. For the beginner who is afraid to take long routes, this route is just 11 miles long. Most people who visit the Tahoe region usually just add highway 207 to their route so they can have more fun in a limited time. From twisted roads lined with a scenic view to exceptionally breathtaking Kingsbury Grade, you will enjoy every bit of it.

From Wentworth Springs Road to Placerville via Ice House Road

According to most social media forms where you will get collective information and reviews about the routes, you will learn that this is so far the most recommended route for motorcycle enthusiasts. Even most people agree that this route is the best that California has to offer in general. The rider will not only be able to enjoy the best view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range but also the lush greens. In cold winters, the sides of the roads get all white which further amplifies the beauty. Just like the Yuba River, this route will also help you to take riders from the American River Canyon along with Lake Tahoe. The route itself is pretty diverse which means you will be getting a very different experience. Where most of California stays pretty warm throughout, this route offers a touch of cold. Due to winter ice, the riders are also recommended to take necessary precautions.

 Bottom Line

To sum it all up, these five routes are the best option but when it comes to group tours and warm deserts, there are so many options. For each destination, you need to figure out the best route so you don’t have to alter your route according to the guide. Another important thing is to know about the northern California rules for motorcycle camping. Since Northern California is not as busy and densely populated as southern California their rules are much easier as compared to the southern side. However, following the rules is very important regardless of the place. Another very important thing is to look for an easy packing option according to the destinations so that you don’t miss anything on your way.