A complete guide to food and groceries at Edo-Koji, Haneda Airport, Japan

A complete guide to food and groceries at Edo-Koji, Haneda Airport, Japan

Airports are the face of a country, and Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, has been named the “world’s cleanest” airport. Haneda Airport is not only clean, but it is also worth spending half a day as a tourist attraction! Follow “Eat & Shop! Let’s follow the footsteps of “Japan” and take a stroll through the “Edo Trail” at Haneda Airport! Check out visaexpress.com for international travel visa requirements.

Enjoy the food and scenery in Edo Castle! Edo Koro, International Terminal 4F

Located on the 4th floor of the International Terminal at Haneda Airport, Edo Koro is divided into four sections: Edo Koro, Haneda Nihonbashi, Okonomi Yokocho, and Edomae Yokocho, with a variety of restaurants and Japanese specialty goods. The overall décor is highly restored, and you can’t help but feel the care that has gone into every little detail at Haneda Airport, so it’s worth a visit before you leave for home. Let’s take a look at the “Edo Trail” on the 4th floor to see what’s worth noting!

On the 4th floor of the International Terminal, there is a nostalgic decor with a variety of specialty restaurants, as well as a take-away service called “Okonomiyokocho”, where you can buy Sendai’s specialty drink “Mozuku (Mozuku)”, easy-to-carry onigiri (rice balls), and even the Turkish national dish “Kebab”. Edomae Yokotei” is a selection of three restaurants where you can experience Japanese traditional Japanese food, including izakaya, kebabs, and chawanmushi.

The most prominent part of Haneda Airport on the 4th floor is the Haneda Nihonbashi Bridge, which connects the 4th floor with the 5th floor, and overlooks the busy departure hall on the 3rd floor. If you want to take a rest before boarding the plane, we recommend this place!

30 gourmet restaurants: famous ramen stores and hidden menus are here!

Setagaya” is the most popular restaurant in Edo-kaido, and it often has the longest queue of any restaurant! Setagaya” opened its first restaurant in Setagaya-ku, the ramen battle zone of Tokyo, and is now a famous ramen restaurant with several branches in the United States. Setagaya” is made with a thick fish soup base and a long-boiled animal collagen broth, which makes it very rich to drink. They also offer a limited Haneda Airport flavor of chicken salt ramen, which ramen lovers should collect!

Pork cutlet: KATSUSEN Tonkatsu (Katsusen)

KATSUSEN is a sister brand of the famous Japanese pork cutlet chain Wako, and is a bit more sophisticated and upscale than Wako. KATSUSEN is currently only available at Haneda Airport, so if you want to eat there, come back after your flight or before you go home!

Oolong noodles: TSURUTONTAN (Tsurutonten)

Udon noodles are a common national dish in Japan, but the menu at TSURUTONTAN is different from the usual udon noodle stores, and the flavors are quite creative! The menu includes Japanese Nabe and Mabo flavors, and even the Western-style oyster chowder udon noodles and the Chinese style udon noodles in hot and sour soup! TSURUTONTAN” is also one of the most popular restaurants at Haneda Airport, so if you want to try this special flavor, we recommend you to line up at the restaurant as early as possible!

Dessert teahouse: Saryo ITOEN (Chara Itoen)

If you just want to pass the time waiting for a light dessert, we recommend the 24-hour “Saryo Itoen”. You can enjoy green tea and roasted tea flavored ice creams as well as Japanese style Shiratama and honey filled desserts. Also, you can take a break even if you don’t have any money to spend!

General restaurant: WA-CAFETERIA (DINING24 Haneda Canteen)

At WA-CAFETERIA, you can find a variety of affordable Japanese fixed meals, including grilled fish, pork cutlets, fried chicken and other fixed meals. Although they are all common Japanese homemade food, they are not sloppy in taste! The restaurant is also open 24 hours a day, which is very thoughtful. Why not experience the taste of Japan before you go home?

The view is super wide! Don’t forget to go to the fifth floor to see the plane!

In addition to the wide selection of restaurants, don’t miss the fifth floor of the International Terminal at Haneda Airport! The best feature of the fifth floor is the spacious observation deck, where you can clearly see the planes taking off and landing. There is also TOKYO POP TOWN, which sells groceries and souvenirs. You can spend every minute of your time here before your flight, and you won’t waste it at all.