8 Ways To Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable

Camping Tips

Not everyone is built for roughing it outdoors. For some of us, a more comfortable camping experience is far preferable to the rugged traditional campsite way of life. Fortunately, there are plenty of gadgets and gear available today that make camping easier than ever before. If you travel with the right kit, you can transform your camping trip into a truly relaxing nature getaway.

  1. Make eating easier. The process of camping can be completely transformed by good food. Gone are the days of beans heated over a fire for your tent-side treat. Today, you can buy plenty of items that will allow you to cook up proper meals for your family out in nature, no kitchen required. For example, a transportable camping fridge will allow you to bring along all of your meat and snacks without lugging cooling packs around with you.
  2. Choose your campground wisely. You don’t have to forego all of your regular hygiene rituals for the sake of a camping trip. Many national parks and campsites around the country offer amenities that will make your holiday more comfortable. Choose a site with a decent bathroom, hot showers, and electrical sites to plug in your phone and other gadgets.
  3. Stay away from water. While it may seem romantic to pitch up your tent next to a rushing river, in practice it can make things far less enjoyable. Keep your tent a fair distance away from the nearest freshwater source to avoid those annoying crawling critters and biting mosquitoes.
  4. Pad up the floor. Sleeping in a tent isn’t always the cosiest experience. Make it more comfortable by bringing along a rug or mats to pad the surface of your tent floor. This will make it far more relaxing to lie down, and reduce those morning aches that can occur when you sleep on hard ground.
  5. Bring extra bedding. Even if you invested in the best sleeping bag around, it won’t feel quite like home. Make a comfy bed for yourself by bringing along your favourite duvet and pillows. A warm, soft bed will ensure that you get a proper night’s rest so you can fully enjoy the camping experience by daylight.
  6. Load up on layers. Over-packing is never wise, particularly when you’re trying to fit everything into camping backpacks, but there are certain items you shouldn’t neglect. Regardless of the weather, bringing light layers to take on and off during your holiday will allow you to feel at ease regardless of the temperature.
  7. Take along your favourite gadgets. Some more rugged types scoff at the idea of incorporating tech tools into your camping gear, but plenty of these gadgets can be seriously useful. A nice set of speakers will allow you to play your favourite tunes by the fire in the evening, adding to the ambience of the experience. A handy GPS gadget could even save your life if you were to find yourself lost somewhere in the outback.
  8. Look for flat surfaces. When you’re searching for a spot to pitch your tent, flatness is key. Too many dips could cause huge puddles if there’s any rain, while a slope could lead to drainage issues and tent floods. Choose wisely.